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UI MPS uncovers the hidden costs associated with all of your various output devices—copiers, printers, scanners and faxes—and discovers cost saving opportunities of up to 40% throughout your enterprise.
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Get Networking!

Networking is important for both businesses and careers. There are tactics you can use to help you get over any discomfort and get networking.

Take the initiative. Remember, other people are introverted as well, and they will appreciate you taking the initiative breaking the ice. Walk up to someone and introduce yourself. Ask them what brings them to the event. Inquire about their business or profession. They will appreciate your interest.

Start with a question. Start by asking a question. It’s a great way to break the ice and put the ball in their court, relieving you of the burden. Besides, most people love talking about themselves, and will likely be flattered that you show an interest in them or their business.

Understand and accept that you’re not alone. It’s not just you; most people are uncomfortable during initial conversations with strangers, so lighten up.

Remember that you share commonalities with these people. All you have to do is find exactly what it is that connects you.

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Toshiba’s Latest e-STUDIO Line Wins Better Buys for Business Editor’s Choice Award

Toshiba’s Latest e-STUDIO Line Wins Better Buys for Business Editor’s Choice Award
New Print Fleet Receives Independent Authority’s Recognition by Outperforming Other Monochrome Multifunction Products
As a result of outperforming other manufacturers’ monochrome multifunction products (MFPs) in a comparison analysis, Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc.’s recently minted e-STUDIO507 series earns Better Buys for Business June/July Editor’s Choice Award.

Analysts at the independent office equipment research firm were enthusiastic about the print fleet’s industry-leading security and mobility capabilities. They were particularly impressed with the e-STUDIO507 series’ proprietary 320 GB Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) that meets the strict U.S. Federal Information processing Standard 140-2. The experts also took note of the array of cloud and mobile printing and scanning benefits for Apple iOS and AndroidTM smartphones and tablets through Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Print & Capture app as well as standard Apple AirPrint capability. Check out the press release for complete details.

Is Your Data Protected?

Information is power, and these days an enormous amount of business information is stored electronically. However, despite the precious nature of these files, the reality is many organizations are not protecting their data. According to a survey by Wakefield Research and Carbonite Inc., 39 percent of respondents say they never back up their computers, or have not done so in the past year. And Symantec’s “State of Information” report for 2012 found that 69 percent of respondents lost important business information in the previous 12 months. The information contained within these files includes customer data, financial records, even intellectual property, the loss of which could have a catastrophic impact on a business.

It is critical that companies protect their information. Is yours safeguarded in the event of a security breach, hardware failure, natural disaster, or human error? Here are a few ways your business can protect its data:

In-house Backup – Save your data on external hard drives or tape backup systems. Automatic backup software is affordable, and will periodically back up your files at regular intervals, eliminating manual backups which are unreliable. To ensure maximum protection, remove drives or tapes at night, on weekends, over holidays, or store in a fireproof safe.

Online Backup – A cloud storage provider can protect your encrypted data for a modest fee on secure servers in multiple locations. Using the cloud for backup storage provides the additional benefit of enabling access to your data remotely from any computer.

Offsite Storage – For those with particularly sensitive data, or lacking trust in the reliability or security of cloud providers, a simple solution is storing copies of your information offsite. Backup your files on tape drives, CD-ROMs, or external hard drives, and store these copies in a separate, secure location. A bank safe deposit box is a great spot, and is also tax-deductible.

De-dupe – Data de-duplication software can remove duplicate copies of files from your database, reducing the amount of data you have and limiting the space and cost required to backup your information.

Major data loss could result in your business going belly up. Is your valuable information protected? Contact United Imaging today to learn more about how to keep your data safe and secure.

1.800.999.0159 info@unitedimaging.com

Which Has More Bacteria, Elevator Buttons or Toilet Seats?

Believe it or not, one recent study found that, in hospitals, elevator buttons are more likely to be colonized by bacteria than toilet seats. Canadian researchers, taking samples at three major Toronto hospitals, found that 61% of elevator buttons (interior and exterior), as opposed to 43% of toilet surfaces, had bacteria on them. What does that mean for you and your customers?

Hand hygiene is critical in the battle against germs and the authors of the study recommend that hand sanitizer dispensers be placed inside and outside of elevators. Talk to your customers about the importance of strategically placed hand-sanitizer dispensers in key high traffic areas. United offers wall and floor dispensers which are perfect for placement near elevators, entries, cafeteria lines and restroom doors.

Overall, bacteria are more prevalent in hospitals than in the general community, but this latest report underscores the importance of routine cleaning in all facilities. Washrooms are well-known hotspots for germs and therefore get a lot of attention. But other high-traffic areas such as elevators, whether in a hospital or an office building, need to be cleaned regularly too. SCOTT® 24 Hour Sanitizing Spray is a smart solution. It kills 99.9% of bacteria for 24 hours even after multiple touches. As always, United Imaging is the go-to source for all of your customer’s cleaning supplies.


Toilet Seat Covers Provide an Extra Measure of Clean in School Restrooms!

When it comes to observing good hygiene, children aren’t always the cleanest, especially when it comes to bathroom practices. The best of children can fall prey to laziness, and even with regular maintenance, school restrooms—particularly toilet seats—tend to get the worst of it. One very easy, effective and economical way to keep germs at bay and ensure a healthy restroom experience is to utilize toilet seat covers. They provide a safe, protective barrier between human contact and germs that can potentially live on surfaces for hours or even days. They are also an ally when it comes to infection control and keeping students healthy, which is of vital importance for schools.

Utilizing toilet seat covers in the restroom can offer schools many benefits:

  • Fewer children missing school days because of sicknesses acquired by germs in restrooms and on toilet seats
  • Fewer illnesses for children, especially diarrhea, vomiting and respiratory illness
  • Fewer outbreaks of infectious disease

Toilet seat covers are paper thin so they can be easily flushed, yet are durable enough to protect users from any organisms or viruses present on the toilet seat. In addition, they offer peace of mind—students won’t have to worry about the person that sat before them. Toilet seat covers provide an important health benefit to both individuals and schools alike, however, they are not a replacement for regular cleaning—and typical cleaning and maintenance routines should still be adhered to.

United Imaging is committed to helping schools keep students healthy and safe and offers an assortment of toilet seat covers and dispensers for your customers.



Keeping Schools Clean Is a Year-Round Job!

When schools are in session, cleaning and maintenance are an ongoing, daily experience. However, the cleaning regime doesn’t stop there. Summertime and holiday breaks are an ideal time for repairs, taking inventory of supplies and tools, and performing detailed tasks that are more easily done without the everyday traffic of students and staff.

Here are some tips to get the most out of school cleaning during summer months and breaks:

  • Make time for deep cleaning. Take advantage of these windows of opportunity to carefully and meticulously clean all around the school—paying special attention to hard floors, carpets, classroom furniture, lighting fixtures and windows. It’s also the perfect time to sanitize restroom surfaces that take a beating during the school year, using heavy-duty products that remove soil build-up that everyday mops and brushes can’t reach. A thorough deep cleaning several times a year will make day-to-day cleaning easier, as well as protect the health of students and staff.
  • Take inventory of cleaning tools and supplies. Look in storerooms, closets and storage sheds to review and evaluate what is on hand. Toss old chemicals and broken cleaning tools and discard chemicals that haven’t been used in six months or longer—typically, chemicals should never be stored for more than a year. Make a list of needed cleaning products and stock up so they are available when school is in session.
  • Evaluate cleaning equipment. Determine which appliances and machines are running properly, which need servicing and which should be replaced.
  • Address floor care specifics and protect with matting. One of the first things school visitors notice when entering a school are the floors—so it’s important that they make a good impression. Summer and breaks are perfect for bigger floor care projects such as stripping and refinishing. After floors have been scrubbed, stripped and recoated, consider implementing a matting system at all entrances and high-traffic areas to help further reduce wear and tear. Not only does matting lessen the amount of soil tracked in—it also helps prevent slips and falls for students, staff and visitors alike.
  • Plan and identify tasks. To make the most of breaks, administrators should plan ahead and purchase the cleaning supplies and equipment needed for scheduled tasks. It’s also important to be aware of any activities or programs running at the school in order to coordinate the timing and availability for cleaning tasks.

Shiny floors, fresh restrooms, and clean classrooms will not only leave a good impression on students and faculty upon returning for classes—they will help ensure the health and safety of everyone in school! United Imaging can help you supply your school customers with floor cleaning chemicals, machines and tools, matting, restroom cleaners and so much more.


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Top Must-Have School Supplies for Students and Teachers

With the school bell poised to ring, parents, students, and teachers are streaming into stores in search of supplies. Gone are the days of hop-scotching from one store to the next. This year it’s all about getting everything in one stop. Here’s what they’ll be looking for.


* Calculators – Printing, non-printing, pocket-size, or scientific, calculators in every shape, size, and price, continue to be among the best selling of all back-to-school supplies.
* Pens, pencils, highlighters, markers – A necessity for every student, every school, everywhere.
* Pocket calendar – One of the most underrated items, a pocket calendar helps with everything from dating an assignment to planning a research paper.
* Cell phones – While talking during class isn’t allowed, it’s a family necessity for schedule coordination.
* Ruled notebooks – Get a different color for each subject. This year consider going green by buying those made of recycled paper.
* Binders and pocket folders – For organizing miscellaneous handouts and papers.
* Backpack – Big enough to hold various shapes and sizes, but not too large for the child.

College students

In addition to the above, popular items for the college-bound include:
* Planner – Electronic or paper, this must-have helps keep projects, papers, and assignments on track.
* Sturdy backpack or messenger bag – While a shoulder-style messenger bag keeps things neatly arranged, a sturdy backpack (or one on wheels) easily accommodates the heaviest textbooks.
* Laptop – An everyday essential for class work, research, and communications.
* Flash drive – For those times when you can leave the laptop at the dorm, conveniently carry your work in your pocket.


* Markers – Including fine-point, thick-point, and plain (non-toxic).
* Colored chalk – Livens up the lesson and helps make an important point.
* Index cards – Great for customized flash cards, teacher’s notes, and general organization.
* Post-it notes – Handy labels and reminders.
* Color folders – Keeps classes, subjects and lesson plans together.
* Tape – Both transparent and masking for multiple uses.

Get the school year off to the right start with the right stuff. Find all these supplies, and much more, at http://www.unitedimaging.com. Ask for a free technology services evaluation.